Working Together for a Better Future

Building a Healthy and Educated community that will Lead Changes

Who We Are

Partnering with Organizations to build a learning and healthy community of children that will take a huge impact in other’s Lives.

Health and Education are the two key components needed in our Haitian community, beside nutrition. Each child recruited will  be a Plus in helping the community moving toward change. H2E Foundation vows to to work with our partners to make real changes in both health and education. consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

We see Health and Education in two ways: Physically and Spiritually. Students who receive our academic or professional education will be sent back to their community to lead others. 

What We Do


— We Recruit and Help

Recruiting a child is to either walk through the community to find a  child in need of education or health issues. Another way is for the parent guardian to come register his/her child to our facility. After asking appropriate questions, we determine if this family need to be in our program. then we look for help from our network that is ready to help the child. 


— We Educate

Providing education is the key to success. We committed to help each child in the program to further their education until they become mature and ready for the outside market world.  We start with an Elementary School with Pre-School included. In @019-2020 school year we began our Middle School. It is our goal by 2022 to start a Technical school.


— We build Networks

Our prime source of help for these children is Partnering with Nonprofit Organizations, Sponsors, Churches…That are willing to be on board with us in order to make a better tomorrow in the life of each child. 


— Providing Care

We are working on having mobile clinic to help the community prevails against infectious diseases and other type of illness. 

Impact Stories

Jean Bleckens Franklin

“Six years ago my mom, who works at a local factory, register me at the Institution Mixte Francester.  I struggle for three years in First Grade. My mom and  I were discouraged and wanted to quit for two major reasons: 1- Because I didn’t want my courageous mother and my sponsor spending on me the money they didn’t have. In the mean time the teachers and Mr Gary opposed to it and here I am today ready to move in Fithian Grade. I am who and where I am because of the support of such amazing sponsors and school staff. I can see myself as a well known Lawyer that will fight for the poor. 

Jean Bleckens Franklin
there was a voodoo priestess that lived close to the field where the church is.
This same voodoo priestess is now the one who benefited and enjoying the Clean Water program, her grandchildren are in the school and she brags about the impact this ministry has made over nine years. 
What a blessing to be part of something that is making a huge impact in the life of many. We are proud of our partners to make it possible to educate the community. If you are not yet part of our network, please consider to join today. You can assist in many ways like : Supporting a child, help with teachers salary, donate to building fund.