Haitian Health and Education Foundation

Working across Haitian Communities in our dedication to Children's Health & Education

Who We Are

Partnering to build a community where children are healthy and educated

  Haitian Health and Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization operating under the Exemption Status (501)(c)(3) of the united States Law. Our organization is, firstly, providing education for Haitian community. Secondly,  we are working on mobile clinic to fight disease like Malaria, TB…. 

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Haitian Health and Education Foundation is committed to reach out to every single child possible to fight illiteracy in our Haitian communities. We intend to make some fun programs available so children could feel like they’re at home and ready to participate in Summer Camp, Christmas party, field trip… such programs could facilitate the task of getting more children to come.

— Our Story

We started a school on September 2014 with nothing but a promise from some Friends from Michigan to sponsor some children. We open with 20 kids and then the number keeps growing. With faith, we have been able to educate more than one hundred kids for the past years. We thank our Lord for His blessings upon our organization

— Our Mission

Making a difference in the life of Haitian Kids through Health and Education


— Our Vision

Dream in a better society – Believe it is possible to make the necessary changes to impact others. Trust in ourselves and hard work.